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Hooga is a family of skincare products that are specially formulated in a very natural and organic way, these products were born from an idea and a passion for a healthier way of life, simple and essential.

Hooga is a result of combining two things that sometimes are not seen as if they could go together, science knowledge and love for nature.

Our name HOOGA comes from a Danish word "Hygge",  The word dates back to the 19th century, there are no exact translations of hygge but we think of it as more than an untranslatable word, for us (and hopefully for you too), it's a feeling, of warm and coziness, where you surround yourself with the good and smooth things in life, creating moments and memories of joy and calm. That's what We want You to experience with HOOGA, as part of your daily routine


All of our products are homemade with the safest ingredients and conditions